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Originally Posted by felix1337 View Post
Hey Bill,

I would like to add some questions to the previous post. Just to make sure, that i get this right:
Are you saying that "John Burns" and "Jake Simpson" is one and the same person?
When did you start to think that he's not credible?
Are you dismissing everything that he said now?
Do you think he plays a specific role in this game?

Best regards,
Have you heard anything yet ?

And does the connection have something to do with the ark Bill is talking about?

Anybody know more about this ark? Is it complete?
Will Bill ever come by to answer our questions?

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Bill Ryan
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Hi, All:

As the world continues to change, and we all hurtle on into whatever future awaits us, I wanted to make a public statement here: that I'm no longer thinking of basing myself in Switzerland, but am seriously considering relocating to Australia.

The reasons for this are many (and some of them are obvious... many people think I'm Australian already!) - and I'd like to list them below:

1) Kerry and I met a lot of totally wonderful people there. We were both blown away by the remarkable friendship and hospitality we were shown on every day of our visit.

2) I'm an outdoorsman. I love wildlife, the forest, the sea and the desert. I was brought up in West Africa. A few years ago I drove across the Kalahari. In my time I've been a fairly serious mountaineer. Australia is a land where I can really feel at home, wherever I am.

3) Australia, working closely with a number of other governments, is preparing to take on the role of the Ark of the world.

4) The doors may close soon.

5) We've been offered a safe place to be, planned and designed by a very remarkable person. We had the pleasure and privilege of spending many hours with him and his family, and got to know him well. He is (amongst other things) a good friend of Duncan Roads, the well-known and widely-respected editor of NEXUS magazine.

We'll be delighted to share the details about this planned community. I'm awaiting more information - some images, maps and a powerpoint presentation - and will write up a full report as soon as I can.

The community is on the east coast, a couple of hours from Sydney. 35 million Australian dollars (AUD) of purpose-built infrastructure is already in place, including roads, power, water and drainage.

More investment is needed to complete the construction. The community is planned to house about 1000 adults and children. Based on what we know, and the detailed plans we have seen, this is the best solution we've yet encountered to the problems which MAY be in store for us in a worst-case scenario.

The location is extremely geologically stable and our friend, who has done substantial research and is exceptionally well-informed, has convinced us this is one of the safest locations on the planet measured by a number of different parameters.

The facility has been planned for twenty years and a great deal of thought and planning has already been completed. It's called The Australian Ark.

The 'Ark' is currently envisaged to include a shielded underground facility with hydroponics, technical and craft workshops, exercise and recreation facilities, a school, a comprehensive library, communication facilities, medical facilities, the most advanced water recycling technology, its own micro-economy and democratic structure, and

(believe it or not) its own very clean mini nuclear reactor which will generate enough self-sufficient power for at least fifty years.
The best analogy to describe all this is the comprehensive facilities of a cruise liner which is not actually sailing anywhere. (Rather, it's on top of a forested ridge in an idyllic location which Kerry and I have visited. We loved the place.)

Community members will need to contribute several hundred thousand AUD (a bargain right now, as the AUD is so low) as an investment in the property/real estate which they will own. Detailed figures have been calculated but as I write I don't have the numbers to hand. All legal safeguards will be in place.

We are as certain as we can be that this person can be trusted fully.

We like him a great deal and he is a highly intelligent, spiritual, capable, practical, values-driven man with a most interesting background.

He is a Camelot and Avalon follower, has seen every one of our videos, admires our work, knows we are real (he checked our background thoroughly!) - and is delighted to invite interest, with his warm personal regards to you all, from the Project Avalon community.

We will release full details of the 'Ark' soonest and we'll set up a special e-mail address for interested parties (from anywhere in the world) to find out more. To register interest and log your name on a contact list to receive further details and updates, send an e-mail to (which can be blank if you don't want to write anything) with the subject 'AUSTRALIAN ARK', or with AUSTRALIAN ARK in the message body. Your details will not be passed on to any other party.

Our friend encourages anyone considering relocating to Australia to start to take steps immediately - even if the first step is to find out more information about immigration procedures and protocols. I am doing just that and am currently planning to be in Australia by Christmas.

My own personal regards to my new Australian friends: do get in touch, and it'd be great a pleasure to hear from you. I may soon be seeking formal membership of the Australian Ground Crew

Very best to all, Bill

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