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Default Re: OUTRAGEOUS chemtrails over east Sussex

Swordsmith , yea I'm being conditioned, but don't worry everytime I see them launching that shxx in the sky they get a bird from me back . What definately seems different now though is the stuff they are spraying from high up is falling to the ground faster than ever now, not like before where it just lingered up there.

Tseeker- Manmade lots of man made stuff. This may be a wild hunch but I thought I read a long time ago that the ET's or future humans sprayed gold dust in the atmosphere to shield us from the rays of the sun and now that stuff is running it's course so here is the next best thing-aluminum. I'd belive that, but if that was the case why not shoot that stuff in the upper atmosphere where it wouldn't fall to the ground and would just stay up there circling the earth.

That being said this stuff there spraying must be for our being here and I don't think it's for global warming either. 2 years ago when that one guy had the chemtrail doppler radar site up you could look at continents and where this stuff was in the sky on a daily basis. I remember watching australia for a few days and the only place where the chemtrails existed on that site for days was right over the lower portion of australia, right where all the people live! , NOT the entire continent . That confirmed it for me.
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