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Default Re: OUTRAGEOUS chemtrails over east Sussex

Hi Swordsmith,
with the very low level of divination (wish there was another word) I enjoy with words, I find that when things are rubbish, as in are just fabricated to make us fear and run, the anagrams are rubbish, or even have jokes in them. However chemtrails comes up with a lot (rich metals, hitlers scam, it calms her- not sure the world- harm and elms too) are all your Elms still dying in Britan?

There was a lot last year over Paris but blue days now, I could never get it either as you are not supposed to fly over the city. You know we have to also be open to the fact that they are somehow in place to keep us safe from something -- doubt it but to say they are simply not there is madness.

take care
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