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Default Re: The Revelation (discussion about the 144000)

maybe, different people are all from different places

there must be a lot of different places people could be from

maybe 144,000 are from venus
and, maybe 144,000 from each of the assortment of 7 stars of P
and, maybe 144,000 from each of the sirius a/b and x
and, what about the grand central sun of earth
or, the missing planet, in the asteroid belt
or, from nibiri
or, there are many, many other places
FROM AD TO Acturus, tO lots of other places
you'd be here all night long just trying to name them all

maybe, just maybe, everyone is from some group of 144,000 ?
or, another group of 144,000- maybe, that is how we got cast to earth ?

everyone being special

12 x 12 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 144,000

and, yes, 144,000 definitely also relates to nerves
a lot here to ponder
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