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Default Re: Not my concern, I am staying

Originally Posted by Daft Ada View Post
I will tell you who I am.
I am a human being with as much right to speak as anyone else
I am a human being who is as entitled to an opinion as anyone else
I am a human being who has a sense of humour and who does not take himself too seriously but who recognises those that do.
I am a human being who is full of love for others but does not feel the need to spout it all the time or fill my posts with it and flout it in my sig line just to then spout venom when someone posts something that does not suit me.
I am very much in agreement with tone 3 and was just having a little light hearted fun about the tone, but not the content of his post, which it is obvious to me some of you have forgotten how to do.
Who do I work for? I can’t tell you that for security reasons, but I am a 58 year old Airline Captain

When two people who have at one time been close have personal problems that causes a break down in the relationship, I feel it is no one’s business but theirs. It is certainly not a situation for discussion in open forum and I can’t believe all the threads and posts of people wanting to stick their nose in and feel that they have some kind of right to ask stupid questions about the relationship.
I have followed it and said nothing other than giving my best wishes.
Maybe my English sense of humour is lost on you people, but just look at yourselves, you preach love and kindness and yet without knowing me or anything about me and others, in other threads you are ready to pounce and tear people apart. You should be ashamed. In some threads some of you are moaning about what is happening to this forum but you are too blind to see that it is the attitude of the long term members with the high post counts who have the attitude problem and think they are something special and more important than others. Spouting love and kindness is one thing, you will be judged by your actions.
@Daft Ada - so your saying you dont have a sense of humor, Just to be clear!

Peace just jokes

I am happy some members are sticking it out...i might do the same.
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