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Talking Re: Fixing what is broken, healing the damage, learning and moving on. Long live AVAL

If you ever wonder why things happen this is the time. The last month or so this has been my question because too many negatives have try to affect me in one way or another. Yesterday about 3:00 am my time on the island about 5 cars smash into each other there was flying car parts that smash into the house. This is a time of transition and each one of us can change the history of our planet, now you say, wait a minute Frank what are you talking about? Put into perspective just how many people are awake and aware on this planet, face it we are a minority. Yet we are a powerful minority. The changes on this forum and struggles within are a reflection of the majority of opposition that in one way or another is trying to derail the incredible miracle that is this forum.
Lets face it not one of us is perfect from the top to the bottom. I just hope that we can see the incredible importance that we have as a group , because like I said we are about to change history and together we can be more effective in creating that change. To the Mods I say everybody has a bad day and I hope that we can learn to forgive, embrace and love each other for we are a unique incredible group that is making a difference in the way we view our 3 dimensional existence on this planet.
Anchor thank you and we are in total agreement. If we let these changes divide us we are becoming victims to the many attacks manifesting in our lives through our exposure to each other on this forum. We represent our world and beyond make your stance and be strong lets continue the fight to awaken this planet we are a hand full that are reaching millions across the globe.

Thank you and blessings to all..

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