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Default Re: The Revelation (discussion about the 144000)

I would like to thank everyone that contributed or will contribute to this thread.

This subject in particular is one of the most debated amongst theologians, christians, etc.

Below is an excerpt from a website by 14 Chakras that I found resonating with what appears to be more plausible.

Like everything else that I've looked into, by no means I consider this 'revelation' to be 100% correct (at least for me).

So, a very fine, very pure, very great, cosmic being said: “I’ll go.”

“I’ll go to Earth, I will add my consciousness, my light to it, I will hold the balance, I will do what it takes, put in the many years it will take, to help the people raise themselves back up.”

Now, this Being is very respected, he is one of the Holy Kumara’s. He has accomplished this on many other planets, although I do not believe to such a great degree of a challenge as this one. He had so much respect, that 144,000 volunteered to come with him.

144,000 high souls of Light volunteered to come to this planet with Sanat Kumara. Their mission would not be an easy one. They would have to come into embodiment here.

The challenge was a great one. Free will and cosmic law are the guiding principles behind all of creation. Nothing can interfere with them, so to raise up the planet, the collective consciousness would have to shifted from the inside out.

How to do this?

Go right into the matrix, into all of it, take on the same illusions as the people of earth, take on the ’stuff’ they had gathered over the millennia, the negative emotions, the illusions, the dross of life here, and in this very dense environment, maintain their own connection to their own I AM within, to Divine direction from within…

Even having gone under the veil of forgetfulness like all do when coming into embodiment here, not even to remember that the negative emotions, illusions and negativity that they had, were not truly theirs…

How can you remember this when you feel depressed? You feel angry? You feel jealous? You feel powerless? You feel weak?

How could they know this was not theirs? This was the illusions they volunteered to work through? It was the only way to provide a path through the collective consciousness. A way out for humanity, for the children of God that were trapped here.

The odds stacked against the rescue mission were not in their favor, not by a long shot. in addition to having to work through the collective consciousness, they faced tremendous opposition, very advanced, very deceptive, very organized, even cosmic. And where the opposition bent and twisted all the laws of God, and the rules of karma so that they would have an unfair advantage the whole way through, the forces of Light would not do such things as it would defeat the purpose and cause a further fall.

Now the reality is, as far as I understand it, that the 144,000 and possibly even Sanat Kumara, did not really understand the kind of challenge they were getting themselves into. I do not believe that any of them really had the faintest idea that it would be as difficult as it has been or that it would take as long as it has. I do believe the original effort was launched approximately between 200,000 – 400,000 years ago, I’m not going to try to be more exact at this time.

Suffice it to say, it was a very long time ago. The goal for the 144,000 was for each one to see through the veil here, to see through the illusions, to overcome their piece of the collective consciousness that they volunteered to take on when they came here. But they all fell into the mire that is earth.

Yes, they provided enough Light for evolutions here to continue, for the Great Work to continue, for humanity to be ready for what we are ready for here, now, today. But they fell into the illusions. Only a handful, dozens perhaps, have been able to see through the illusions here enough, and balance the karma that is so easily created here enough to Ascend back to accomplish their mission thus far.

The vast majority have long since forgotten there is more to life, have long since forgotten the Ascended Hosts, Sanat Kumara and the 144,000 they came with, the realms of Being, the Archangels etc.

But it is finally time for all to remember, and many are ready now to be the first fruits of the mission: To Be who they are in Oneness with their I AM rather than the limited separate character they’ve created in their sojourns here.
P.S. Due to some negativity that's being going on this PA forum, I decided to leave and not post anymore (at least for a while) until hopefully things are back to the way they used to be...

~ Love & blessings to everyone ~
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