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Default Re: The Revelation (discussion about the 144000)

Hi dont shoot the messenger.

Dr David Hawkins a mystic of our time says and I paraphrase.

"The book of Revelations was channeled and was very real for the receiver (John?)
But was channeled from the lower astral and will happen but not in our realm."

My take.
In other words it is not going to affect us on earth.

I dont think it is possible for a God of Love, the one that Jesus worshiped, to put numbers on anything as important as the human soul.
There are many who are not of any religion and of also of all religions who love God.
Are they to be ruled out because the magic number is exceeded?
I think not.
If it were so the teachings of Jesus would be invalid and I sugest they are not.

The book of revelations has created so much trouble in this world I just cant believe it is of God.

That is my view point. Not saying it is so.

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