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Default Re: The Revelation (discussion about the 144000)

"I would like to stress again that only knowledgeable people should contribute, in order for everybody to receive proper understanding regarding this subject."

Dear TruthSeekerDan--

i'm pretty sure i don't qualify as someone who's particularly "knowledgable" about these texts in Revelations ...... but i have been having difficulty with the concept that the 144,000 is a LITERAL number. But someone's who's opinion i greatly respect, assures me this is so? is that your answer as well?
If so, and if you think those of us who haven't studied Revelations in some certain degree of depth (?) can understand this, could you please explain why the number is so low? Are there truly not more than 144,000 on the entire planet who are capable of the higher vibratory rate required by 4th & 5th dimension? that just seems so way off to me, even just in terms of the number of people in my own life whom i would consider holy or enlightened enough to be able to [I]ascend this go-round.[/I

if 144,000 as the LITERAL number of those ready to "ascend" soon is correct, then i think that "narrow way" must be even narrower than i would have suspected ...... especially since our God is a God of Mercy!! (though i do understand that it is each of us, as individual entities, who decides our "placement" after we die ..... but STILL!)

If you can address this, TSD, i would certainly appreciate it.

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