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Default Re: Use Reverse Speech on PC founders?? Uh, well...

I thank you for your video. Nice to see that you went forward.

I listened through much but it was going slow as I had to click back and repeat several times to get a image on my own mind what the audio said before I looked at what you thought it said.

It's a decent, good enough video set-up but it somehow is still though bothersome. They few repeats you have is to little still but give a initial ponder of what you might hear and the text on what you thought comes too soon. You just can't make a mind of your own in that little time before your interpretation pops out. I needed to jump and repeat the reverse several times to get a own interpretation before I looked what you had to say.

Results were that I heard something quite different to your interpretations several times. I could still "hear" what you wrote if I looked at text same time and listened but if I in my mind discarded the text input I still could not really find it to match what I heard. Going back and throwing out the interpretation and trying to hear what I heard I can only conclude that I mainly heard much of the words in the video differently.

One thing in mind that can be a cause to some, but not all is that the youtube sound bitrate downgrade can mess whit it in contrast to the reversal you might get in your sound managing program.

Though the conclusion is non the less the video doesn't to my own ears and interpretation "get it right"... though on the other hand there is non correct certain way to interpret in the right way and a correct single answer.

And about all the copyright stuff here.... I have never seen any place on the internet that has been so damn "(can't figure out the correct word)" about it... I think the copyright thing over here is way overboard.
Though on a another hand I do subscribe to "political" ideas on how much the whole copyright and patent stiffness needs a major overhaul whit much scrapping of said stuff and turn it to so everyone can partake and take use of it more freely.
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