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Default Re: Use Reverse Speech on PC founders?? Uh, well...

Originally Posted by Seafury View Post
Reverse speech is BS...
As with all COA material (videos, forum posts) I totally understand and love you as well. So I guess if I'm doing RS here it's possible I may have some reptilian blood. If so I am changing for the better in my opinion.

Usually when ever I don't want to be involved in something I don't say anything so I'm not involved in that way. Although there are certain subjects that I may feel desperately compelled in promoting more protest for. What stops me from promoting or attempting most of my protests is that I realize everyone has their life path of education and I'm not here to interfere or try and preach what's good and what's bad in life. At any rate we all have our life path of education to follow yes?

What I like about most forums is that you can speak most of your mind and meet those of like minds. All and all I don't mind what anyone has to say about RS, so long as they do not attack me personally.

I'm now wondering if I should do some RS (Reverse Speech) on some of the PC guest speakers. If so then who should I attempt such upon? Maybe someone who has not only been outed by closed minded folks, but someone still being called a fake by those of more open minds and hearts, like us?

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