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Default Re: Use Reverse Speech on PC founders?? Uh, well...

Reverse speech is BS because you hear what you want to hear out of the garbled mess that comes out, (except for "yes we can" equalling "thank you satan", however that would sound the same if your grandmother said it and not Obama)

Peggy Kane, go ahead and listen to some of her stuff, this is what you'll find out.

1. Everyone is controlled by reptilians, everyone, even Peggy Kane

2. She has to reverse herself over and over to make sure she herself is telling the truth, she admits this. If we're that controlled, then guess what, good luck cause we're screwed.

3. Her husband says "It's very subjective" and he's right on, that's exactly what it is. Peggy Kane believes the Reps are behind everything including the milkman bringing your milk late, so that's what she hears. Listen to the same recordings she does before you read the translations, tell me you get the same thing out of it.

4. If you reverse this post, you will find it is written by a Reptilian trying to throw you off the track of reverse speech because I don't want you to find out the truth about us. If only you had learned about reverse speech sooner you would have been able to avert the Recession, both Gulf Wars, and you never would have paid for that "amazing" Mexican Vacation that was offered to you by that telemarketer because your name was drawn a "winner"
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