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Default Re: Use Reverse Speech on PC founders?? Uh, well...

I would like everyone to please "bump " what Kamikaze's 1st. post in this thread stated, very important indeed.

So basically, if I do RS on anyone it's only going to be "something" and that's it, yes? Definition of something, meaning that it's not anything or it could be anything. So to keep an extremely open mind is one course of action that all involved should already "be". If not oh well. For who am I to tell anyone what to do?

One of many very good points that Kamikaze (in first post here made by Kamikaze) has stated is that it does cost an individual an enormous amount of time and energy to not only find any reversals from the subjects speech, but also time making the public presentation(s) concerning it all.

I have done RS a few time for the last few years so I know some what what it is and what to do, but only based on my own RS experiences. I have found reversals on me self, my son, my mother and friends. Some of which actually do make sense!

You see, when doing reversals one must perceive all possibilities, in my opinion. So you must not only understand what the subject is saying and meaning while speaking in forward (like I am speaking now to you), you must take into consideration all possibilities concerning the subjects past, present and future existence. This is a very broad understanding for the people doing RS on other people, in my non-RS professional opinion. For the most part RS probably only creates more assumptions, speculations, gossip and so on concerning it all.

Combine my psychic abilities with my RS research and it can get some what more interesting. Many times my RS on any subject helps "confirm" certain things that those reversals seem to confirm for me. Even when I only listen to other RS of people that I did not do any reversals of. Many of those reversals confirm what I really & deeply sense about it all.


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