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Default Re: Use Reverse Speech on PC founders?? Uh, well...

I know about reverse speech. Tried it a little bit whit myself and my own recordings to see what I may say to my own words and sentences.

I got interesting results and such at times but much was incoherent to understand even if I got complete sentences and such going. I could not really often link the reversed to what was said in forward.

It's hard and you can interpret it many ways.

In the end I've decided it's to much work for to little results. I check out what others may reverse at times but I've kind of lost interest in it more and more.

I believe it works but you need experience and much knowledge whit it to really give anything concrete from it other than just some fun interesting sound bites you may find.

You need to often stay clear of suggesting what something may sound like beforehand the listener has decided what they might have heard. If you tell it beforehand you basically have ruined it to be viewed critically and influenced their perception.
In a video this may be hard to do. You would essentially need to repeat the reverse several times or ask people to go back and listen again a few times until they have a idea what it might have said in reverse before you then later give your interpretation of what you heard to them.

As you brought it up, go ahead. Could be interesting depending on what you may find.
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