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Default Re: Anna Hayes-nee Diana Katherine Herhenreader-aka Diane Kathryn Smith-Anna Gruber

Interesting reading.

Looks like something the illuminati's or church put out to make us think they are all looney tunes. Slander at its finest.

IMO they were killed for speaking the truth.....a cult, what a joke. I will never believe they took their own lives.

The biggest cult there is, is the roman catholic church

I was directed to Ashayana Deane for her wonderful information by an Alex Collier video and it clashed with Abrax's version. I decided to stick with her

Also I know this letter from Drunvalo Melchizedek shows he agrees with her work, there is one dispute about the way in which you turn. Seems to me many have this same argument. Noticed that after the Spiral of Norway story was making its round.

it cost me under 30.00 to read Ashayana's books and I studied her videos on line free. You can still find her videos online

Now as far as Bill goes.............he has never asked anyone for a cent. Bravo for Bill. PC videos are absolutely free and you never heard them crying if someone shared the information. Not like some others that do interviews which I found discusting in itself.

If there is information out there that will help us grow then there should be no price on it, I agree. Donations asked to help with cost is productive.

I think all of them that "throw a tantrum" over copyright information needs to grow up and are greedy.

Now, for classes, yes, charge as you are getting more of a one on one attention. I would love to join. Even reiki classes

David Koresh and his followers were killed
Bill Cooper was killed
Jim Jones and his followers were killed

I could go on but instead, I want to say that there are only certain ones that kill to silence people and we know who they are. There are certain people that want us to believe that these people were cultist.

Why are you putting this out here ? Do you think StarDust admiration for Ashayana warrants her to be slandered because Abrax was silenced on this forum ?

Your friend Abrax has another site opened for his followers which is cool.
I can't say he is running a cult, I can only say some felt he was.
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