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Default Use Reverse Speech on PC founders?? Uh, well...

Hello all,

(bare with me for a second)

I remember when PC use to be like this...

Project Camelot evolving our awareness it still?

So what if I used copyrighted PC material in a non-authorization manner in order to make that fan based video. I do remember sending Bill & Kerry the video but they did not respond. It's ok because they were probably very busy back then.

Way things are now it wouldn't really surprise me if one or both of them asked that I remove that same video from the internet. If so then certain things concerning it all, which I will probably never publicly divulge, will definitely be "self proven" to me at least. It's not all bad or good, it's human nature and guess what?? YOUR human too!! lol

Either way it is the copyright holders right to either let me keep the PC fan video on the internet... or not. So it doesn't really matter "what ever" I say or do here, lol. I dunno. Let's see what happens, if anything.

Now that I have your attention I would like to take some more copyrighted PC material, preferably vocal recordings of Bill & Kerry and process them through what is called Reverse Speech or RS. After that I would like to make a video showing the internet public the results of it all. Either way I could still do it but not publish it publicly if copyright holder(s) tell me, "No".

Don't ask me what RS is! Instead see for yourself ; )

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