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Default Re: What kind of PC or PA video do you prefer to see more of?

Originally Posted by Luminari View Post
Well it seems like someone forgot the main reason for Project Camelot.. as it wasn't included in the poll.

UFO Disclosure.

The day that stops being an important issue here is the day I leave for good.

Please remember to look UP.
yes, I believe that was the awareness level of everyone in the beginning, but as we got deeper into the issue and the disclosure efforts grew, I think it uncovered a LOT of buried information that is critical to include... the UFO was just the tip of the iceberg... it morphed and is now the reason we found out about ALL the other topics that were involved in the creation of the UFO coverup in the first place...

just MHO...

so I would like to see more of everything that is on the poll, as i think it is all inclusive and extremely important in order to really get to the "Big Picture"

(you cant figure out a solution to a problem if you don't know what the problem is to begin with)

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