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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

What a bummer to see the co-founders going at each other like this, though I don't think I've seen Bill outright insult Kerry as she did eariler here. I have respect for both Bill and Kerry and am grateful for their work, but right now the drama surrounding them is bringing this place down. Avalon (imho) has become something different since it began, something important, too important to risk over any personal squabbles. It's bigger than any one or two people.

Bill, Kerry, it would be nice if you could have a chat and work this out in private instead of on the internet, a place where sometimes even people who know each other well in the real world, can be harsher than they would face to face or even on the phone. For the sake of your projects membership and all that it stands for, please find a way to compromise civilly.

Originally Posted by Linda View Post
An Ark? What is that all about?
Don't forget about that cover charge. Something like a quarter million $ I think.

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This is unfortunately rapidly becoming an episode of 'eastenders', sorry non UK you might not know what I'm on about LOL

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Yer....tell me about it.

I freakin hate the yappy screaming soap.....never watch it.

Didn't know "Eastenders" was a soap opera. "Barry off Eastenders" from Extras, is hilarious. His comedic timing is perfect, bet he's even funny in a soap.

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