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Wink Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

I have been watching Camelot videos for years. I am still a big fan. Regardless of what is posted here, that never changes. They have done wonderful work.

This is a time of transition due to economic difficulties. Many people are upset and it is to be expected. Human behavior is naturally emotional and expressive. It is our passion that makes us so unique and special.

I have learned from my own experiences when you have an entertainment or business partnership, there will be disagreements. Being in the music industry myself, I know that it is very competitive. When I had seen at the beginning of this thread that someone had used Project Camelot's image for their own youtube channel, I was not surprised.

Project Camelot is very popular. I am sure Bill and Kerry will find some way to resolve this youtube situation. As far as what they do to this forum, it is up to them. It is their forum. I have to say there is much vital information here that should be archived and backed up, in case the forum is shut down.

Maybe Project Camelot can create another archive section on their website.
Either way, I applaud the wonderful work B&K have done. And as a personal message to B&K, we love you.

We all have pain that we must endure throughout our lives. Just remember that no matter what happens, only good can come out of this. Your material and videos have opened my eyes on many levels. It has helped me in my own research. I believe you are on the right path.

Take a vacation. Try those nice mixed drinks with the umbrellas. Kick back and get a massage. Go to a karaoke bar and sing some songs together. Re-evaluate your situation. Always try to find a positive productive outcome to any challenge.
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