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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

Some of you may actually not believe this... but this is Kerry toned down.

Originally Posted by Kerry Cassidy
I don't know who you are but you are clearly a paid operative of an agency... You are posting outright lies. Unfortunately, Bill has not the intelligence or the honor to recognize this.


Originally Posted by Bill Ryan
... Dr Steven Greer...the being operating his body is not the same as the one in 2001.

As for this statement by Bill, from a purely mental health professional perspective, I could say the same thing about Henry Deacon/Art Neumann as this man lived in my house for a bit last year and I got to observe up-close-and-personal what was what. Furthermore, I disagree with Bill's statement about Dr. Greer as he has no evidence or facts to back up a statement like this. Given that Dr. Greer was fighting cancer for his life so he could be around for his wife and children and is still getting death threats, I think it very possible that Dr. Greer may have undergone some personality changes but seriously doubt he is possessed by some other being. At least I have faith he is the same person, the same soul, with the same positive intent for humankind. And this is what I see different between Dr. Greer and Mr. Neumann. Dr. Greer is not out to sow seeds of discontent, disharmony or discord among those people he is involved with. I do not see a vindictive side in his actions towards those who have maligned him. Instead, I just see a man out there sharing his truth, promoting spiritual growth and pushing for Universal Brotherhood with those off-world aliens who what to see mankind evolve. I see no push for destruction of those who would challenge him, nor do I even see him motivated by greed, or a push toward fame and power. I just don't see it.

On the other hand we all saw how Mr. Neumann behaved after an incident on the forum. We all saw how he deleted all of his posts and shut down his forum. Mr. Neumann also had some of the highest level clearance and subsequently one can just imagine what transpired with him at the hands of those who he worked for. And indeed, according to Mr. Neumann in his interviews with Kerry and Bill, he also identified that he worked with aliens on Mars. If anyone is vulnerable to having a different being operate his body - HD is right up there at the top of the list.

Next, we will never see Bill take pot shots at Kerry in public. However, he does take pot shots as the above quote about Dr. Greer is just one example ~ so we don't know what it's like between the two of them when the doors are closed. However, what we have are people, similar to most folks we know, with different beliefs. We also know that just because someone believes something doesn't mean it is necessarily true. It just means their belief is based on what they think is true/factual information in the moment. Yet, it is possible that they are susceptible to being deceived just as we, the observers, can also be deceived. We too, don't know what is factual either and are expected to believe someone else's beliefs. I'm sorry, but I just refuse to go there. I'm the sort that needs multiple sources of verification to even get close to something like that. And the facts, as we all know, can easily be manipulated and/or distorted.

For the most part, I think it is best to keep an open mind, don't draw conclusions, don't take sides and hope for the best possible outcome. In the end, I truly hope they will get past all of this and remain good friends.

And yes burgundia, I too think they are being manipulate by outside forces.
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