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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post
But the Heather fiasco was not the only problem - it's just one of the symptoms. John Burns gave me fake photos of the F-19 to post, and I caught it just in time. It's not defamation to state this (as Kerry has warned) - it's a fact. Much else happened also which I have not made public.[/URL].
I would just like to say that this individual Jake Simpson / John Burns comes up 23% factually accurate when I dowse it. Then when I ask if he is an agent it comes up YES.

-- Our public disagreement with the views of Dr Steven Greer, and my remarking privately to some people that Kerry and I were both certain that the being operating his body is not the same as the one in 2001. (Yes, I am sure of this.)
I never met the guy before 2001, only in 2009. When I talked to him out of the public spotlight he seemed like rational guy that has had many extreme happenings in his life. He does lay it on pretty heavy when the cameras are on though. I have been targeted with the terrify the target button from Dreamland as well. I only got it about 3 times. He got it every night for 6 months. That is enough to split anyones personality to some degree. In fact it would put most people strait in the funny farm.
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