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Default Re: What kind of PC or PA video do you prefer to see more of?

Originally Posted by Majorion View Post
I'm looking forward to Bill Ryan's upcoming with archeologist Klaus Dona, that's my personal preference, subjects like history and archeology have always been the most interesting to me.
Yeah id love to see more of them, esp since ill be doing my own research in Bosnia this summer.
Ralph Ellis who studies the pyramids, wrote Thoth. He would make a great vid for camelot.

I like Wilcock, he has a broad view on many things. Pete Peterson was also a great watch.
I never liked Buircshe or however u spell it.
The Ex Canadian defence minister, he would be brilliant. Maybe a bit too high profile for PC? Well we know PC has made it when we start getting ppl like that willing to make a vid. He would have a lot to say about UFOs. Neil Armstrong? nahh being silly now.

Whistleblowers always make the most interesting of vids.... If they are believable whistleblowers. Someone who directs you to youtube isnt my idea of a reliable whistleblower.

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