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Default Re: What kind of PC or PA video do you prefer to see more of?

I think Klaus Dona is the genuine article as well as Lloyd Pye.
To see Bill interview those two guys in the same room would huge.
I thought Dr. Paul LaViolette gave a super interview and was totally credible although I didn't really understand what he was saying it was fascinating to listen.
I like the direction of interviewing people who have first hand knowledge and not the Dreamers and channelers so much.
Duncan O'Finioan has a Great Deal to say and is a great interview. I remember on the first interview that I saw him on he was asked if he had seen any machinery, and he responded something like ("Yes, it's underground".) The hairs on the back of my neck stood up because of the way he said it.
On the not so much list is David Wilcock, not my cup of tea, and I really can't hang in there. I would say Dan Burisch but after looking at so many hours of his stuff its hard not to watch. His site is all about PC BTW pretty low rent but its the train wreck syndrome, who can not look?

I will be watching any video or listening to any audio the Bill makes you can bet on it! And I have got to keep an eye on Kerry too, It's the drama don't you know.
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