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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

I would also like to hear more about what channelers Webre gets info from-or is he channeling himself?

Here's the translation of Webre's speech:

Min 3:43. Talk of infiltration in the movement to neutralize 11-S, by the NSA and their agents.

Min 5:38. Talk of the invisible world government, which has many faces, one of them is the Gurpo Bilderberg, Rockefeller, Rothschild, who control the world banking system. etc.

Min 6:40. The Rothschild family value exceeds 100 trillion. The CIA is the weapon of these families, and so on., George Soros are agents for these families.

Min 7:30. George Soros financially tried to attack Malaysia, but its president (Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad), which is a member of the international war crimes (as Alfred), able to repel the attack.

Min 8:20. Talk of global depopulation program (eugenics).

Min 13:50. The human race we have a crisis that threatens our survival.

Min 14:10. So the intervention of ETs is essential for the survival of civilization, if not all sink to the bottom.

Min 15:25. The black hole at the center of the galaxy (Hunab Khun, or something) is reprogramming our DNA, improving, adding to the chakras, and so on.

Min 16:35. It is a multidimensional process, and the universe intervenes in this plane to ensure that there are destroyed.

Min 17:10. The year 2020 will be very different this year because we will have a new generation of leaders, a new town, a planet will be much more oriented towards peace and the common good and less to the good staff and the permanent war economy. In 2009 we are living in a transition period and still a little longer the last monsters like Bush, Cheney, Zionist era of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the reptilian brain of humanity.

Min 18:35. Talk of the Vatican is an institution based on the earthly power and beliefs, who have allied themselves with the powers of government, and has beliefs that uneasy alliance with the masses. The church has survived 2000 years by the manipulation of money, people, faith, and so on. The miracle of Fatima in 1917, scientists demonstrated that they were UFOs. That is, we are entering an era of transparency, and the system that the Vatican has used all these centuries no longer works. They are fighting to get priests are anti female ethics in USA have lost money and power by the scandals of sexual abuse for decades, pedophilia (eg, a bishop from Canada was recently arrested for having photos of children on his computer).

Min 23:15. The worldwide Catholic Church is the prototype of an age that has ended, corruption, manipulation of the big lie, and so on. What will the future of the Catholic Church in 2010? Now, because we're in an era of accelerating time, we have direct connection to Source, that the money given to the Church is to corrupt a number of banks, that the Catholic Church is run by secret societies are killing each other, which is connected with the intelligence agencies, the Bilderberg Group, which is one of the most corrupt associations in the face of the earth. If people want to stay, for we are in a world of free will (free will).

24:50 Min. But I was born in a very Catholic family, my uncle was a Jesuit, the second president in the world, the link between the Jesuits and Paul the Sixth, I have been in Rome with him and have seen the Vatican from the inside and is the most corrupt the world: We kill, steal. And I think that with this new energy comes in, it will not last.

25:50 Min. Why go to church to hear the robbers for an hour to give a big lie? Why not go to a conference where you really talk about what happens after death from scientific principles? And I (Alfred) I think is going to come in the next 100 years.

26:15 Min. President Obama is a product of a secret U.S. program to go ahead and identify future presidents. They found Carter, Clinton, Bush Senior, Bush Junior and Obama, and so on. At two (Bush and Obama) were warned that they were going to be president when they were 20 years old, and has since entered into a clandestine program to be president. Alfred has a friend who was present in the room when they told the younger Bush junior (when he was young) who would be president, and he was very happy ... (27:25)

29:50 Min. What the announcement that Obama is going to declassify the UFO theme is a play of intelligence agencies identified certain corners very Exopolitics sector of Michael Salla, Steven Greer, who is closely identified with the CIA. He (Greer) follows warnings from the CIA, and is well surrounded by CIA agents. And that is a non-story to give heart to the public to think "Obama ".... El Salvador etc.
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