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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Truth doesn't need explanation, and long dialogue of copy and paste. An occultist doesn't care if you believe something. Their goal is to keep your focus. The focus is on the destructive forces in nature. A flock will be removed by the power of Thuban.This is why he just need the word repeated, and charged.I never said that it was good or bad,but i do know that he appeared with the rising of Sirius, as a messenger,which is Abraxas. And i do know that Thuban is evoked for ritual. When some one is insane--SAN is the Same as NAS. NAS = 111- Jak Sully on AVATAR. was called INSANE 111-Destructive, and he was ,all the way to the end.NAS=TY SAN-ITY - Now the same guy is in the clash of the TITANS movie , being destructive. Hitler was called IN= 911 SAN Living in his head, and not his heart.

I'm done here, i realize that you are the Trixster in the game.Siwy Wabbit ,TRIX are for Kids. Every time this forum vibration goes through the roof,a Q and A arrives under a new name,it never fails. There are a few here now,because the court jester has to have an audience, to stick around.
By the way you make no one feel anything, we respond on our on. Welcome to the Olympics. Repetition is the Word of the day.
Peace on your Journey Nas

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