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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Nebula9D View Post
Greetings Abrax,

I'm happy to be here now and so choose to positively engage those happy thoughts on these thread.

I liked Julissa's question on thought and it find very interesting. What does Thuban data say about the mind and the power of thought (s)?

Welcome nebula9D!

I like your selflabeling and your wisdom reflects as the 8D-mirror between Quantumspace of the 'etheric' and the Omnispace of the Oneness of the Dragonspace.

The Power of thought is the basis and power of all existence and all beingness.

{Thank you Oliver for a thoughtform manifesting the Starhumanity in a hybridizing allegory}.

The human mind is a simple processor of thought-based energy and so can construct either unifying and harmonizing thought forms or disharmonizing and disunifying thoughtforms as exemplified in the video above.

Then the human mind is but a tool for the human soul to discover itself by and through the unification of polarities; the latter which within an evolved mindedness utilize the 'old' disharmonizing thoughtforms as contextual backgrounds.

Abraxas Anthony
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