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Default Re: Love and beauty are pervading our world...


By Genece Hamby

As a young girl, my grandfather enjoyed teaching me about the nature of things through unusual methods. One day, he gave me an ear of corn and a coat hanger that he had straightened with a pair of pliers. On one end, he bent the hanger to wrap around the ear of corn and on the other end he created a small loop and told me to go home and nail the looped end to my window sill. He also said to leave my window open and to come home everyday straight from school and sit quietly by the window while doing my homework. Knowing my grandfather, I figured this was his way of teaching me the discipline of doing my homework. He was probably helping my parents to find a solution for some of my school challenges.

Believing I knew his reason for sitting by the window in silence, I trusted and obeyed my grandfather’s wish. On a daily basis, I would come home from school and sit in the chair waiting – waiting, waiting, waiting while doing my homework. After about a week of this and getting bored with the whole thing, I called my grandpa and said that I knew why he had me sitting there and promised I’d try harder to study. He laughed! Then, he told me that was not in fact the purpose of the ear of corn and sitting by the window.

The next day, I went back to the chair and again sat for 30 minutes of waiting. Every day this became a ritual until one day something happened. A squirrel came up to the open window and as soon as he realized I was present, he darted off. However, I was excited! I hurried to the phone and called my grandfather to tell him of the squirrel. Again, he laughed! He suggested I still come to the window and sit by the ear of corn the same time daily.

Within a few weeks, the squirrel began staying longer as he became more comfortable with my presence. Ultimately, he sat and ate the corn right in front of me. I had remained very still not wanting to disturb his eating because for some unexplained reason, I knew the very essence of the squirrel and his needs beyond my logical mind. As I listened through silence, I heard and understood his language.

Read on it's well worth it

Love Always
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