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Default Re: Dr. Steven Greer, Disinfo Agent? Details Please!

Originally Posted by Jnana View Post
...I would say at this point what is needed is a serious large scale independent study with irrefutable results, not a demo on Larry King....
Jnana, if you go to Panacea University, you’ll find all the instructions you need to build a Pantone GEET motor by yourself. I’ve seen it running in real life, and it works fine. But don’t trust me, go to Panacea University and see for yourself.

On the other hand, please, correct me if I am wrong, but you seem to be missing the main point I am trying to make. Please, let me explain it in a different way.

Nowadays (2010), millions of people around the world don’t even know free energy exists because is being censored or suppressed in MSM. Millions don’t think it is real, or don’t think it works, or don’t think there are already devices that are ready to be used, fully operational, and not in a prototype stage.

But there are: the Pantone GEET motor.

The GEET motor is only a “transitional technology”. You can go many levels above it, actually, all the way up to ET level. But at least the Pantone GEET motor already works. Let me say it clearly:
The Pantone GEET motor IS NOT A DEMO, it is a real product, fully operational, it works fine, saves gas and reduces pollution.
It’s good that Dr. Greer and anybody else would try to find much better solutions, but that can be done anytime and in parallel to other options. However, the GEET system is ALREADY working (don’t have to wait any longer) and it has many advantages (see previous post), but one very obvious advantage is that anybody can build it by themselves at home (it’s easy, cheap, its components are standard and easily available, etc.).

In other words, you don’t need to depend on a company (perhaps corrupt and working for the PTB?) that will develop it for you “in the future.” You can use it “now.”

Imagine that an “official” Lab or Company (perhaps corrupt?) who are going to build or test these devices, say:
“Sorry people, we tried hard, but at the very last moment men in black assaulted our installations and stole our equipment and results, or intimidated our inventor, etc., so now you’ll have to wait another 5 years. Be patient, we’ll keep working hard.”

... and by using that trick, they keep buying time so that the elite can finish developing their New World Order. And if they succeed before humanity wakes up, bye bye free energy for a veeeeeery long time, perhaps till the next 26,000 years cycle?
In the case of the Pantone GEET system, we avoid that risk (lies from “official” sources) because you can build it right now in your own house.

On the other hand, Dr. Greer also says: let’s “walk straight perhaps before we can levitate”, because a quick replacement of fossil fuel (from one day to the next) may cause economic or social disruptions. So, let’s go better step by step, starting with the “transitional technologies”, then level 2 (Electromagnetic energy) and finally level 3 (Advanced propulsion systems).

Let me put it this way:

There are different purposes that could be achieved by going to CNN and telling the whole world about the existence of the Pantone GEET motor, for instance:
- Public psychological purpose 1: in just 30 minutes it would dissolve the myth that these technologies do not exist or do not work.

- Public psychological purpose 2: it would rise tremendous public awareness, it would educate millions of people about the reality of these technologies and, therefore, it would create a huge amount of public pressure for the liberation of them. Remember that Dr. Greer also asked people to help him with that task by writing e-mails to Obama and Congress.

- Public psychological purpose 3: Since anybody can build it and touch it, it would give everybody solid direct proof that these technologies are real and work. You would not need to hear the results from an “official Lab” (perhaps corrupt and working for the PTB?) telling you that it works (or not), because you can prove it to yourself and by yourself.

- Public practical purpose 1: it would allow a lot of people to use the Pantone GEET motor for “certain types of applications” (Ex: home electrical generators, camping caravans, etc.), which will save them gas and cut pollution and help the environment.
So, in my opinion, I can’t find any good reason why Dr. Greer, if he is sincere in wanting to promote free energy, would not do what he says he would: go to CNN and tell the world about these matters.

On the other hand, and as I mentioned before:
The elite has a lot of expertise producing infiltrated agents, so it should not surprise us if they keep using that trick nowadays. Now then, in the case of Dr. Greer, perhaps he could clarify these questions by himself by agreeing to participate in more public and open debates so that everybody can ask him hard questions. Other persons are participating in open debates (see this forum), so, will he be willing to do the same?

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