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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

human-is a label
so, humanity-is simply, a label, for a group

take away the label - and, it is the same group

this world is NOT a world of simply humanoid consciousness units

humanoid-is simply, a type of consciousness unit

there are many different types of consciousness units, in this world
angelic / elemential / reptile / insect
(of course, you forget, you share this world with insects,
that outnumber you 100,000,000 to one)
that is a lot of insects
~ humans / and, all other beings on earth, share this earth

there are even dragon/serpent/carian(bird)/feline(cat)/cetacean(whale/dolphin) etc.etc.etc., (could name out, a lot of them)
when you look at it, on a whole big picture...
isn't it funny, we live in a what is bugging you world

we have 13 consciousness units,
of which, one pair is humanoid (not human)
likely everyone on earth, has at least one pair at that humanoid,
otherwise, you would NOT be here either

show me one example, of A/Tony,
being disrespectful to you, on your threads ...
trouble is, you can NOT, since, they do NOT eXist
he is a champion, of his own threads

hmmm...the sananada/or jesus we know,
is a master, and, as, such, he doesn't see himself
above/or below me ~ or, anyone else
he was a master, who wasn't afraid to create his equals
ironically, that type of force/or a power, that can eXist
and, is learned thru the sharings of those,
who have it, and, have knowledge of it

like sananada/or jesus-they, are becoming walking eXamples of this

if you have a mentor/or a teacher,
who does NOT see you the same, i'd suggest,
you find yourself a better class of teacher
and/or move to a different class room

this journey will turn into a trip, if you see yourself,
as, nothing more, than someone else's 'fan club'

i've helped a lot of people in this lifetime,
and, the last thing, i've ever worried about,
is teaching a lesson, and, worrying that a student of mine,
might excel me
~ in the new world, or, the higher vibration aspects
of inter-dimensional & multi-dimensional you's / and, other things
you will interact with, it will be vastly different

will you make it, into that world ???

we surely, do NOT want to end up in the worlds; that the 'bushes'
are going too

funny thing,
everyone is created equal
~ sadly, all people, do NOT do, all they can,
with what they got !!!

we are NOT here, to worship anyone
anymore, than we'd expect another to worship us

A big part, of The Kumura's teaching
was about love, and, that, before you could embrace
your god/and, goddess, you needed to marry/or ignite
the opposing male and female chief features, aka dragons
within, so, you can come into balance, within yourself

imagine a world, where 'whole & complete' come to meet "complete & whole"
there was a reason, in temples of old, that males entered at one end,
of a string of 13 temples, and, women entered at the other end, of a string of 13 temples, and, only men/and, women, gathered in the 13th temple

androgynous is a term, where one, expresses,
an equal balance of male/female energies, in sync, with one another
many of the teachings, taught that you didn't need another person,
or, any material object for that matter, and,
thus, you could live in love, and, bring peace, to your piece.

it is only when you can eXtricate yourself,
from the bonds of attachment, all attachment,
that you truly can freely eXpress love with NO conditions,
which, should be the goal of all beings

The Kumaras taught about alchemy, healing, mediation, yoga, etc.,
as, simply being tools, that could help you
to awaken your kundalini, and, balance/and, unite
your divine male and divine female, that are within.

It is only thru learning to love yourself, that, you will ever, learn to love another, and, it boils down to handling your own external, and, internal oppositions ~ once you do that, the serpent energies within,
come into the light, and, blaze with 'real' fire

Venus is an important planet to earth,
beings still reside there, in 7th/8th/and, 9th densities
and, they were / and, always have been known as
The Serpents of Wisdom.

Perhaps, if you google/or dog pile some terms
such as, amurus , venus / sananda / kamura / kamuras / kumera, etc.,

if you check out old celtic/druid stuff you'd see things like amurus

the Celtic Library in Jesus College
contains a number of things
ie; ' na bi amurus ag nech nach don leabur mor an tuilled bec so'.

you will find out who the real jesus really was

on a side note; in all my extensive interactions with others

it is always the people who do the warning about other people,
it is, them, i've had to watch out for,
NEVER, has it been, the person, who has the finger pointed at them !!!

normally, it is the person, who is doing the finger pointing
that it has been wise for me, to watch out for

something perhaps, of value to ponder !!!
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