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Default Re: Whistleblower Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s great-granddaughter, outs secret

I think that you are just as powerful as anyone else. You are as special and as credible as John Lear. I tend to shy away from people who have the "I am the chosen one" syndrome as I think we are ALL chosen in that respect.

In so far a credibility is concerned, I merely wished to point out that it is subjective in context and easily swayed from various perspectives. I happen to like this lady. Laura says a great many beautiful things that make a great deal of sense and I personally understand her journey intimately. Yet, everyone has the potential to be great and to change the world, not one person holds the key to opening a gate... The gate she speaks of is humanity's gate, not hers alone. I do however appreciate the work she has done on her journey and I understand what it means to FEEL alone. I would imagine she has felt like she has carried the entire world upon her shoulders. But so have a lot of people.

There are a great many details that I would love to hear talk about rather then saying, "It's too difficult and complicated to explain." John Lear would never shy of a complicated explanation. This forum is FULL of experienced people who have a great deal of knowledge and ability to comprehend everything from quantum physics to molecular engineering. I also appreciate the idea of "I don't know" as a humble answer. It just feels real. The Klaus Dona interview was one of the finest.

But I will say that I think she had a lousy interviewer who didn't ask any difficult questions. I'd love to have her in a room with Bill. Perhaps that may come too, someday.

OH Well.
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