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Default Re: Aurora Spirals in Norway & Finland 18th February

Originally Posted by waitinginthewings View Post
I don't know about his heritage? In the interview he was asked by Mel to share his experience of his visit to James Gilliands Ranch. It was there that he was encoded with maps, codes etc. It was there that he discovered he was to head up the mission to the North Pole, as the man who was supposed to do, died suddenly of brain cancer, while James was at the ranch. If you have not heard the interview, its a good one & you can hear it correctly there.

I definitely did not get the feeling that he was "one of them thpb", but that he was following his own passion & in service to mankind. Nice blend of scientist & spiritualist.
People from the establishment, or landed gentry in this country follow the same agenda regretfully. Scottish landed gentry like the mother of the Queen of England. Listen how proud is him to descend from the Knights that looked after the Roslin Chapel from the Templars....

You may be right but for what I have listened in the veritas show, he dismissed the existance of extra terrestrials, now which agenda is that?

It is a mine field out there

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