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Default Re: The Heather Material

The one gift I do believe I have is viewing or reading material with nothing but my inner intuition. On viewing some of the Camelot interviews and transcripts I either get a yes, no or it is clouded. When it is a big yes I usually get excited, my breathing excellerates and I need to say something.

After reading all the posts above I thought I would pop over and read what was said in this material. I do not care if the material has a spelling mistake in every word what I am getting is this material is true, very true and it scared me..............

Now when P/A first started I was an original member under another name. Some of the original members here know who I am and I can call them friends. I wrote about what I saw in 2008 in one of my visions where there was DNA manipulation, cloning and horrific experiments going on underground, some of these dealt with humans and animals. I got angry when I viewed it as usually happens when I pick up something like this.

This person in a way is somewhat protected, if she wasn't she would not be still living now. Everyone here in the know understands the high technology that could be used to find a person. No one can really hide or run away anymore, so if she is still alive there is a reason we cannot fathom at the moment.

All I am saying is what I get and as I said when I read I got real worried and upset again because I knew instinctively that this was going on years back.

Calling all light workers................keep working please.
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