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Default Re: The Heather Material

From Bill:

In the meantime, my strong personal opinion is that this is a waste of Camelot's time, and that we should focus on real whistleblowers (and real people) with provenance who are able to produce compelling evidence to support their claims. It's unfortunate that any of this reached the public.
In my view, those following our work expect us to apply intelligent due diligence to cross-check information that comes our way before publication. Also in my view, we have a duty of responsibility as gatekeepers, respected and followed by tens of thousands of people worldwide, to check the provenance of the information we record and report as carefully as possible while working in an arena which is awash with accidental and deliberate disinformation.
I'd say that's the final word. It sounds like Bill may have even read this thread as he spear-headed the controversy that has arisen within it.

I think we'd be better off if Kerry stuck to her radio show and Bill became a one-man Project Camelot.
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