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Default Re: The Heather Material


I guess some of us are not as "brilliant" as others and we did discuss this story.

Obviously I was one of these people. Its a good thing we have people that are higher in intelligence that can point this out to us so we can back away from all crazy mind controlled physicotic people

I personally do not think everyone that has been "mind controlled" is crazy, physco or all have thought disorders. I believe that many are in our military and I salute them for wanting to stand up for a Country that they believed in.

As far as I am concerned we all have been "mind controlled" for years. We are getting better though

I am not convinced of anything on this story yet. I see both sides put up their reasons. TTTTW says his identity was stolen and bank accounts closed and others reported the same. So why am I not surprised that she has no records of her identity ?

Not one person knows the true facts so its a shame that they try to pretend to. I say enough is enough. No one has to prove anything but be a better person and let it go without condemning anyone.
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