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Default Re: The Heather Material

That anyone would even debate the validity of this schizophrenic rambling is shocking. Sometimes, quite often actually, people who claim to be insiders are in all actuality bat**** crazy. They aren't "insiders," they don't possess "corroborating information," they're just people with thought disorders and even beginning to take their accounts seriously leads to discrediting the investigators and the investigation and pollutes the narrative with stupid ideas like "omega 3 vitamins are made from super soldier corpses."

Bill and Kerry are both far, far too credulous. Most of the "whistleblowers" can be easily categorized as having thought disorders like Heather or whoever is speaking for her, or personality disorders like Burisch. Actually, the only person on PC who comes across in any way credible is Dan Sherman and even he seems like the kind of guy who could be a prankster.
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