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Originally Posted by mntruthseeker View Post
Karen, Thats something to ponder. I wonder if we will ever know the true story. It was said that Ben thought she was dead and his friend was investigating.

Its not so far fetch from so many others I have heard or seen.

I just heard that Heather sent Bill a message so she is still with us and explained her standings on her not wanting to come forward. I can't blame her in the least. Its not a place I would want to be.
OOOhhh, good information. Although I just heard that Heather has contacted Eleni and is NOT dead!!! [Six or seven posts previous] Seriously she has NOT been killed in a car crash and I can only say that I do not trust the sources of the disinfo that have been the source of this info. All I can say is that you should use your inner vision as a compass to discern for yourself what is true and what is not. It is clear that Heather is alive and well and speaking with Eleni and only time will tell whether or not the great truths of her personal struggle will surface within the tempest that is our deceitful reality to allow us a fleeting glimpse into that which is far, far beyond the matrix.

If it wasn't so sad I would laugh. Wait...I'm laughing.
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