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Default Re: The Heather Material

"Here's the deal and my opinion. This material isn't worth getting killed for. It falls into the second hand category. As with everyone who sees any of this stuff through a second hand medium. Such as your TV, computer screen, radio, media, etc. Even all the interviews that you have taped is second hand at best and much of that was based second hand to you. The information I have seen so far presented is intriguing and the probability of it being true is all speculative. There has been no proof as in tangible that you have shared with us. So it is no different than this PDF file if you have some common sense about you and can step out of your shoes and see it in someone's POV. I am better off getting out of my chair here and going outside and experiencing something in the first hand to prove it to myself than sitting in this chair wondering how I can validate anything through second hand mediums. But here's the difference, I didn't throw you under the bus for trying."

Hi Lionhawk,

Thanks for your perspective. That is what we are sharing here is perspective, and our different versions of truth. Contrary to what many think, Truth is not a fixed as you approach it, it is not necessarily where you thought it would be. It is ever moving, everchanging and ever-evolving.

Honestly, I have to say that contrary to you, I DON'T find this material all that intriguing. Second hand or no. It doesn't vary much from what many of us have already heard or know...supersoldiers, remote Viewing, Bio-engineering, nano-technology. This is not much new info here.

The worse part about it: The presentation of the information is atrocious! That point is not really up for debate at all. I understand someone was afraid, or someone dictated or some such thing.

So I say, fair enough, perhaps the story is true. Heather please sit down and sign up for membership on this forum and present your whole compelling story, slowly, and intelligently, in a cogent and cohesive fashion. I honestly look forward to it.

I'll weigh it against what I know, trying to keep an open mind. As stated in my previous posts I try not to get into the whole "Judging" business. Deciding that I don't necessarily embrace some of the data presented doesn't mean I'm being judgmental.

Also, if someone doesn't necessarily believe the message you're presenting, its not the worst thing in the world---there ARE worse things for certain.

We are capable of keeping level heads about this business, and not falling prey to dramatics. I fear this whole issue has become somewhat of a distraction. The posters really seem to be some wonderful people though
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