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Default Re: The Heather Material

There just isn't enough information in the pdf to fall one side or the other I'm afraid Lionhawk. As I said in the banning thread and as I said in here, there should be a level of debate before judgements are made, there are many unknown machinations at work with regard to contributing on here (I myself have to be very careful at times). I returned to Avalon after a two year break cause on some things I have a possibility to make some important course corrections, in this shared reality. And I also think most can spot the types who are just hawking thier leatest cd of regurgitated information.

On the other hand it wasn't easy for Bill to make that judgement call I'm sure as he comes across as a guy with a sea of patience.

you aree speaking as if from a position of authority...but you don't come accross as one...there's an attempt to sound vague..wonder why..
best l
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