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Default Re: The Heather Material

Greetings everyone. If I may address this audience at this time, as what I have seen here just more or less blows me away. On so many levels. And although I had high hopes that this PC/PA group would have embraced one of it's own members here, instead I find what I would term a crucifixion. I wish I could find other words to put it.

For one thing, what you are seeing is basically material that is well passed it's due date. Meaning this material was put together last year. Some of us have seen this material last year. Now that the cat is out of the bag, I guess my oath to secrecy on this material is no longer valid.

If someone claims sole responsibility and then places that responsibility onto others as a conditional thingy, to investigate it all out as to validate the material, I have to question that action as a reaction to something else. What I am about to say concerns a fairness issue. Here you go dropping the main gate on the forum and the next thing you know, all kinds of negative things start coming through. Who catches all the grief? So here are the Mods loaded up the ying yang with those issues and now you are going to dump this case on them on top of that? No wonder they have "thread closing syndrome". Mind you I am not blowing smoke here in the Mods direction. These people work for free as it is and spend so much time weeding all the crap that gets posted by whoever. I don't know how any of you choose to do that. What or how that rocks your boat will be an unanswered question in my lifetime. And Karen spends 18 hours a day? So why is that? I think a panel of other volunteers could have been put together to vet this material out instead of stacking it on a group of Mods that moderate a forum with their hands up in the air as it is. Now it looks like they are a panel of investigating judges.

Mr. Ryan............ I have always had a great concern for you and Kerry's welfare. Also Miriam's safety. I know how dangerous this whole field is. I also have the same concerns for Ben. Unlike you guys here on the top of this ORG, I have been up several nights, all night, because this man had to take his family out of where he was staying at in a split second to safety. On a couple of those occasions, Ben also got his neighbor (Heather out of there as well) I was here, 2 hours from Ben's location, ready to go at a moment's notice just in the case that he needed help. And if I was still set up like I was a year ago, I would have gladly put her up. Now since those nights have passed us by, I have since found a safe house so that if this was to occur again, I would be able to assist in these kinds of activities. Ben knew I was not able to at the time because all this was discussed. Before anyone here knew anything. The only reason why anyone here thinks they know something is because it is way passed the due date. Ben would not expose any of this during the times when this was occurring because to have exposed his efforts could have compromised the safety and well being of those around him at the time. Like his wife and kids for instance. And do you even know why any of us here would sacrifice our time, our resources, helping a brother or a sister here under this Avalon/Camelot umbrella in the first place, including the Mods? It is because we support the light you and Kerry and are attempting to shine for a better Planet. You represent a beacon of light and like moths we have come forth to the flame. Now Ben here is one of the moths and what do I find? A typical witch hunt based on an IP address excuse. Even I know as a rookie webmaster that an IP can come in different forms. Plus there are IT people even here who know these things, that could have told you that. So to me this IP issue is a crutch at best for something else that spurned you.

All I know is that Ben wasn't the one doing this super soldier work. He did try to assist in bringing it forth. He did what he could do to help. I don't think he has an agenda to make lots of money on book sales, CD sales, and so on unlike a lot of the ones that are. I don't see his name anywhere when I go to Barnes and Noble. So what would his agenda be? Especially when his health is on on the rocks. And just like anywhere in the world, the phonies are everywhere. I will tell you this Mr. Ryan, that you don't know yourself, who you have allowed in your circle, because of certain donations made that was also indirectly responsible for Miriam's accident. I will also tell you that the reason why her accident occurred was that she was so close to finding out who that was because she has that gift of sight. It wasn't as though she was looking for this person, but this person knew she would have had that ability to spot this person and had that person's cover blown. I will just gladly say that it wasn't anyone in this forum and let you do the rest of the mysterious math.

As long as I have known Ben, which is only since last October, I have never known him to be anything less than the warrior he is and I would be honored to fight right along side of him any day of the week. Which is more than I can say to those who have passed judgment in their own selfish speculations. The hypocrisy would make any true warrior want to puke. Then to top it off, at least Ben knows who is real friends are now and who he can rely on if that ever comes to bear. He will do it as a last resort. The man has a sense of pride, of honor, and is a rare breed. I wish I could say the same...... You know the ones that use the word RESPECT as a shield to kiss butt that only want to stab your back in the name of respect. Whooaa...........! I thought I had seen it all. Just flies on a carcass. It's on the record books now and even if a mod has a moment and wants to be the thread slammer of the day, those postings are already your property. You own it in terms of energy. And I wouldn't wish that on anybody.

Here's the deal and my opinion. This material isn't worth getting killed for. It falls into the second hand category. As with everyone who sees any of this stuff through a second hand medium. Such as your TV, computer screen, radio, media, etc. Even all the interviews that you have taped is second hand at best and much of that was based second hand to you. The information I have seen so far presented is intriguing and the probability of it being true is all speculative. There has been no proof as in tangible that you have shared with us. So it is no different than this PDF file if you have some common sense about you and can step out of your shoes and see it in someone's POV. I am better off getting out of my chair here and going outside and experiencing something in the first hand to prove it to myself than sitting in this chair wondering how I can validate anything through second hand mediums. But here's the difference, I didn't throw you under the bus for trying.

Maybe the real issue here is now that you started this whole quest, You and Kerry, maybe it is time to re evaluate what direction you want to go with this by raising the bar with this ORG. Give TPTB something to really grapple over. But first, I would lighten up the load on these Mods and let them do what they do best and clean out this forum. You have double agents here and all kinds of back stabbing people who only want to make sure that your goals and the ones we also support are never realized. This is more serious than you may realize. It also exposes everyone involved who is sharing in the support of this movement to serious dangers and I say that as a surviving warrior in this field. I am not trying to instill fear here as you can find many dead people along the side of this road anywhere you look. Ask Greer about his assistant for one. That is only one. Now in the last great war I fought in, no light worker lost their life. It also doesn't have to occur here. But if you continue to go after the ones that are contributing behind the scenes on their own power and no support from you, this road is going to end and there will be many statistics. I say this because in my mind, once we turn on each other, we hand the darkside a win that didn't cost them a dime. I don't want to go down that way.

Now mind you, I have watched this play out for what it is worth and it just hasn't been worth the direction it has gone in. We know these programs are out there. I understand what it means to validate what you have seen. I strive for that myself in my own work as it also lets me know that what I have seen is not a dream. It's called integrity and that starts at home as many other qualities also start there. So if someone is going to be dragged through the mud and put up on a cross for something that hasn't been proven out, then I may as well just walk away because there is no integrity in doing that. Just remember that the laws of attraction also apply here. I rest my case for the time being and for the record, I present you with this article of property. Good day Mr. Ryan.

P.S. Also for the record, this forum has members that have far more gifts and talents and amazing testimonials, than some of the Marketeers you have interviewed, all right here under your nose. The real heroes that have sacrificed their lives in the name of service and never charged for those services rendered because they know the soul is priceless.

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