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Default Re: The Heather Material

Originally Posted by CC4 View Post
This Heather material was released because she died in a car accident while she was on the run, what does that tell you?
This forum is to promote ones ability to think for oneself. Just because Bill is is doubtful of this material does not mean one can make a snap judgement about it and just disregard it in total. This summer it looks like things are going to blow wide open and who's on first and who's on second is going to become very unclear. Making snap judgements ie, well these aliens must be all bad or they are here to save us is going to become very costly for some. Think it through and I would say that the government has some very dark secrets to hide and when they come out I hope people on this forum are not going to go into automatic denial because that would be a sad thing.
Critical thinking now is going to be very very important.
God bless and may the force be with you.

Heather is not *dead*.......I got a PM from her the other day.
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