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Default Re: Whistleblower Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s great-granddaughter, outs secret

I sent the article to a scientist friend of mine whom I respect, and this is what she sent me: "Here is where she should not have entered in speculation. I know from working at Naval Research center, we did not have, nor did the Nazis have the technology in the 1940s in electronics, metallurgy, and solid fuel advancement for a clean extensive burn, let alone reentry technology.

Mars is impossible as it is to far away and again propulsion to and from, electronics etc. as well as the enormous radioactive surface. In 1940s or even in the 60s, propulsion necessary for an 8 month flight to Mars, propulsion to slow down or be launched into space as you approach Mars, and then the propulsion to leave mars for a 8 months return and then slow down for earth landing. The size of the craft must hold oxygen, water, food, etc for a 2 year journey at current propulsion capabilities. It would have and still is impossible. See
2 years of weightlessness for the human body is deadly, let alone the stress on the human consciousness."

I am not saying she is correct, yet wanted to share her perspective. Of course, she may not have been privy to the secret technologies used by the secret space programs.

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