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Lightbulb Re: Lucifer, Demons, 'Dark Beings' - who are really the 'good' guys??

I could post a great deal here but I AM made to understand that now is not the time - YET - to Post what I will in this Thread and others like It.

I will say this though - Many have it very close in this Thread. Please remember this if You will...

Always seek the Highest and Best of All Concerned in All Things and know that anyOne with Your best Interests at Heart is truly Your Friend. Those that would have You move into violating Your own Free-will or that of Others - Is not Your Friend and does NOT have Your best Interests at Heart...

I will leave off for the time being with this.

I AM Being slightly Cryptic as Spirit says to the Commonality that I AM - "Wait, there is more to be displayed before a further comment is required..."

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