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Default Re: Lucifer, Demons, 'Dark Beings' - who are really the 'good' guys??

Originally Posted by Malletzky View Post

But I don't need to use my eyes to 'see/feel' the light or the darkness?

About "...before there was light there was sound"...but sound doesn't shine... or does it? The sound vibrates and therefore is able to 'produce' light.
So why not assume that there was 'void', 'darkness' or name it whatever you like, where sound existed, but before there was light?

is meant as a process of merging the darkness and the light within us!

with much respect
I know what you mean. Before light and sound also there is pre light and pre sound, or thought. Void is a concept more suited to space dust and not to Source. Source is conscioussness and conscioussness can never be a void or emptiness

Source conscioussness is aware off all of itself at all times and we go into it as conscioussness or as space dust it is a choice. Once we go back into source we can come out again if we choose to for energy does not end or begin in our paradigm

It is rather difficult to explain with words what it feels like to substract oneself to the point in which one is just cosnciouss conscioussness but it is real and possible to experience it

Darkness as it is normally described in the Earth paradigm normally refers to ignorance, separation, oblivion, disintegration...

Conscioussness is neither dark nor light, it just is and contains it all including all the darkness and and all the light

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