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Default Re: Lucifer, Demons, 'Dark Beings' - who are really the 'good' guys??

Originally Posted by TheChosen View Post
I agree that it is too simplistic to call things good or bad. Personally (as I already explained in much greater depth in my book) I only guide myself by cause and effect. The effect of any movement of my consciousness is either resonanting with my agenda or not. My agenda includes keeping my karma relatively clean so in many cases it keeps me on the 'moral' side of things.

It still fascinates me that we may have this powerful ally waiting for us to realise it while so many people have been led to believe that it is their greatest enemy.
Hi Friends,

Interesting discussion! Indeed, the "big con" has been to hide from us the "holy grail" (holy bloodline), and to that end the "church" was inserted in Man's sandbox. Something reminded me of the statement in the bible that we are not to call a man in a black robe "father"... it is truly endless the language of the ancient scripts, bible, and how the "true" meanings have been twisted or simply removed from the original writings. The latter is an interesting topic in itself, as it is very enlightening simply to study what was left out of various "versions"...

Some of these questions I would love to pose to Dr. Waterman... it is what he does at "The John Chronicles". Getting to the simple truth. Ahaha... I know, what is "simple"? But seriously, he's one who has studied the "language" of the bible, etc., for many decades.

There are always many opinions, but few that 'ring true' it seems.

Thanks for listening
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