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Default Re: Lucifer, Demons, 'Dark Beings' - who are really the 'good' guys??

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post

Darkness is only a concept that apply to our eyes because they have such a short range. Also before there was light there was sound

But I don't need to use my eyes to 'see/feel' the light or the darkness?

IMO, the whole thing here is not about perceiving with our physical senses. It takes, more then ever, the need to hear and see from the heart and recognise and understand our feelings and how they resonate with our human actions. Then and only then I can assign my feelings to any of the labels you also mentioned above.

About "...before there was light there was sound"...but sound doesn't shine... or does it? The sound vibrates and therefore is able to 'produce' light.
So why not assume that there was 'void', 'darkness' or name it whatever you like, where sound existed, but before there was light?

Also I don't have to choose anything but, as 'The Chosen' says well in his post, to choose to act acccording the provided guidance (it's been provided to all of us and we all act, more or less unconsciously according to this guidance).

Long ago, probably since the day of my birth on this planet, I choosed to live and act by the only two laws that matter to me: to love myself and all other unconditionaly and to treat other as I would like to be treatened myself.

I can't complain so it works for me.

Originally Posted by TheChosen View Post
I agree that it is too simplistic to call things good or bad. Personally (as I already explained in much greater depth in my book) I only guide myself by cause and effect. The effect of any movement of my consciousness is either resonanting with my agenda or not. My agenda includes keeping my karma relatively clean so in many cases it keeps me on the 'moral' side of things.

It still fascinates me that we may have this powerful ally waiting for us to realise it while so many people have been led to believe that it is their greatest enemy.
Well, I guess we will soon be able to 'find out' about this

BTW, your thoughts brought me to think about something else: we've been warned by many sources to be careful about 'the one who will come and shine with their light', as those will be the false one. Now, to apply that analogy to what your question is...shouldn't we assume that really, the one from 'the darnkess' are the one that will bring the 'real light'???

To bring is meant as a process of merging the darkness and the light within us!

with much respect
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