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Default Re: Lucifer, Demons, 'Dark Beings' - who are really the 'good' guys??

To my mind there are dark forces at work both internally and externally as well as light.

IMHO, to deny it is fallacy. We are constantly battling either for 'team God' or 'team satan' and at the end of the day should introspect as to which side won out.

You can experiment with this you anything profoundly good and dark forces come knocking on your door trying to throw you off your good intentions, so to speak.

The closer you get to God/creator/source the more dark forces try to stop you. Ultimately they can't do much, except suggest or urge you to do bad things....this has happened to me several times.

I apologise in advance if my post does not sit well with anyone, I am merely expressing reality as I see it.

The goal therefore is to rise above both good and evil, take the rough with the smooth and be of even mind in both pleasure and pain.

( as is written I create the dark and the light)


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