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Default Re: Lucifer, Demons, 'Dark Beings' - who are really the 'good' guys??

I agree that the truth about our 'real' history has been supressed. We've been missleaded, betrayed, manipulated...(you just name it), for so long time now. There's no doubt at all about this.

It's also obvious, that we were misleaded to 'think' that there is bad and good, dirk and light, right or wrong. But these are all labels.

Labels that must be brought to unification.

This question has been discussed for more then a month now in the thread: Thuban Q&A...and some 'possible' answer has been given there too. According to the reaction of many here on this forum about the content of that thread, you can see that many of us still see the 'light' as good and the 'dark' as bad...and the whole 'draconian' agenda is labeled as luciferian, satanic etc...

But here we are...who knows exactly? Here we are with your first hand expiriences...and I'll ask again...who knows exactly?

I must say that the Thuban thread helped me a lot to overcome the labeling of 'light' and 'dark' / 'good' and 'bad'. It helped me to understand that the unification of the both is the answer we need to seek for.

As, before there was light, it was dark

Who knows exactly????[/COLOR]

with respect
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