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Default Re: Whistleblower Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s great-granddaughter, outs secret

On the other hand, there are people like Amitakh Stanford, who I was very surprised to find defended here on PC.
She may offer some information that may be of value, but injects poison and untruths into it which make me feel that she is at least semi-consciously a psyops agent, (who give just enough truth to bait truthseekers with, but do it, I think, so they will also be sickened and confused by the poison and disinfo). Either that or she is just insane. Her assertion she is an alien and that earthlings are all artificial beings and robots, and that her special mission here is or was to destroy us all, certainly clinched my opinion of her. Her claims that her estranged ex-husband was Hitler and King Arthur of Camelot in past lives were so ridiculous it doesn't even bear mentioning, but if anyone had any lingering doubts, I would think that would do it.
You can see more about her at

Though I think Laura has delusions of grandeur, I don't get that kind of bad feeling about her I get about Amitakh, and I think Laura's intentions are good. She definitely in in a lot of confusion and anxiety, and I hope she gets support and help so she recovers soon from all the trauma.

I wonder too if she has any proof of her claims, but I think she is too frail now to be willing or able to put forth anymore effort than she has for whistleblowing purposes.

Goddess bless her!
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