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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by hippihillbobbi View Post
here's the link for the "Book of the Dragons" ...... it's really pretty interesting.

i'd love to discuss this with some of ya'll -- it's a bit heavy, as i said earlier to Abraxas. i'd love to read what ya'll think!

Propagation of the Dragonian Race via the seductive induction of the humanoid lifeforms on the conquered planet New Earth, now renamed DRAGONIAEARTH=SERPENTlNA=121=Q5.

On the face of it do we really want to be a conquered race after Gaia ascends? Are we or have we been seduced? It sounds like earth is being set up as a Sink (Black Hole) to swallow the rest of the solar system.

The fact is Humanity should take it's lead directly from the Creator. No Go betweens or fantasy stories that fit the Logos. Just because it fits doesn't mean it is reality. We choose our reality or we have it chosen for us.


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