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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by halebox View Post
If dreamtime is 4d in reality then I need to work on that as I am sober in real life but I party like a maniac in my dreams and Ive done all kinds of bad stuff as well as good in my dreams. Also too many day to day work matrix dreams.

The 4D reality will be LIKE the dream reality you experience now halebox. It will NOT be identical in the sense, that your 3D dreams will simply manifest as 4D.
Your 3D dreamstate of today is a mixture of extrapositions of your memorybank and consciousness with the astral dimensions/densities.

The 4D reality will allow direct interaction with the astral realms and so enable you to PROCESS your nightmares or interference patterns from the hyperspace dimensions say.

I mentioned the Greys, Pleadians, Annunaki being allies and you said yes despite the deceivers. Who might they be? What density are each of these groups? Is there a class system between these races where one is above the other?

It is you who is responsible to classify these sentiences. Browsing the web, the whistleblower testimonies, abductess, contactees etc. etc. you will find many such individualised or grouped classifications, sometimes converging and often diverging in content and generality.
The 'deceivers' are the intelligences themselves interacting with your individual perceptions. As your perceptions and ideas are based on your knowledge, experience and data base; many many contradictions etc. are possible and the less general the perception will eventuate in proportionality.

Do the short Greys have souls or just organic robots? How about the tall Greys?

This is just such a classification. These things are not fixed, because the ET presences are 4D-6D as hyperspace entities. Call it plasmic if you like.
The more individual perceivers agree on a certain classification, the more physically real this ID will become in manifesting in the densified earth plane of the quarantined earth.

I have a very hard time with the bible stuff as I feel it is a means of control on earth. If the Thuban think we should follow the original teachings which have been altered how does one access unaltered versions of this?

Concentrate on the actual words of Jesus and pay little attention to historical reconstructions either by theologians (including all evangelists and dogmatists) or academic historians.
The 'purest' scripture available is the 'Gospel of Thomas' (GoT) of the Nag hammadi codex. It is so pure, because noone could make any 'real sense' from its content and so it was dismissed as some 'gnostic superposition' (most gnostic literature is very 'polluted' by a genuine attempt to introduce the 'real' Jesus in the GoT).

It seems that lots of races lay claim to creating earth humans and Jesus just from what I've read on the net.

You can obtain background data but no real insight from the web. Use your information coupled to your heart's intuition AND your rational and logical mind for that.

Dan Burisch claims that the Greys told him that they were future humans traveling back in time. Did you say that the Thuban are earth humans in the future as well?

On this aspect I tend to agree with Dan; though this timetravelling is a little more intricate as believed. There are NO parallel universes and timelines; yet there is the potential for many universes based on a seedling universe so realising a multiverse.
There is NO multiverse as yet, as the Logos has not allowed any phaseshifts (The Logos can be said to encompass the protoverse seed).

From the Mayan nexus, this should become possible.
Yes all Thubans are future starhumans.

Will the Thuban describe what the Annunaki look like to as it is a mystery to most here and I think we would all be open and accepting of them visually. I respect if its not time or none of my business as well.

The Annunaki look precisely like the Mesopotamians of 2000 BC looked like in 3D, albeit supplemented by a 4D component, which allows perceptions of 'shapeshifts' and such labelings in an astral hyperspace component.

Your view on why any visual assimilation or art depicting a reptilian is forbidden?

Whatever is forbidden, is subliminally expressed or manifested in 'clandestine' fashions.

Is there any malevolent races earthlings should stay clear of?


Do you feel we are genetically programmed to ignore certain subjects or words?

In a sense, there are triggers in the human mindedness which are rather hard to activate because of the brain conditionings to follow standard consensus patterns.
This is why it is written, that the 'solitary will inherit the kingdom of God' and similar.
Without being a nonconformist 'Black Sheep' of the human family; the social norms and pressures of the 'peergroup' generally prove too steep to overcome by one's sense of 'individuality'.

The 100th monkey effect will hoever allow great social change, should enough 'Black Sheep' find a common denominator for group-action.
This common denominator is the Universal Logos - withou it, as the 'master of the archetypes' all attempts for unification will fail.

The other night I was sleeping lightly dreaming and I felt almost like it was a computer program where I was flashing back and forth different background settings. Was I doing this or was I being uploaded?

As said, since January 18th, the 'personal armageddons' (especially potent for the 'Black Sheep') has begun.
You are being 'uploaded' AND you are being 'downloaded' due to the human groupsoul (encompassed by the Logos) activating 'evolution pressure'.
Many experience similar 'changes' on their innermost identity levels and self perceptions.

Thanks Abrax
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